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MaximHigh Efficiency

The Maxim offers many advantages. Corn and wood are renewable and inexpensive. Conventional sources of heat such as propane, natural gas, fuel oil and electricity deplete our irreplaceable fossil fuels. They are also subject to constant price fluctuations. Our Maxim outdoor furnace takes the combustion outside. By keeping the fire outside the home, it eliminates the dangers and mess associated with traditional indoor wood or corn stoves. Our innovative, industry-leading design maximizes efficiency. Our Maxim offers you an alternative that will save you money.

Maxim Features

  • The FireStar™ Electronic Controller
    Provides you with easy operation of your Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace with just the touch of a button
  • Automatic Power Ignition and Auto Relight
    Use propane to reliably start the fire as needed, eliminating the need for hand starting or use of starting gels
  • Integrated 600 Pound Hopper
    The large self-contained 600 pound hopper means filling the furnace less often, allowing the furnace to heat for days on a single fuel load (optional 2400 pound hopper and transfer auger)
  • Sprayed-on Urethane Foam Insulation
    100% airtight and waterproof. There is no match for the urethane insulation we use on our furnaces. The sprayed-on urethane foam insulation provides a waterproof, airtight barrier that does not degrade or compress like fiberglass batt insulation does. The urethane foam provides 2-3 times the effective "R" value of conventional fiberglass batt insulation. Consider that the most efficient water heaters use urethane foam
  • Easy Access Panel
    Provides convenient hook-up and housing for up to two pumps