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ClassicCreating the Standard

Our Classic outdoor wood furnace takes the age-old idea of burning wood and modernizes it. By keeping the fire outside the home, it eliminates the dangers and mess associated with traditional indoor wood stoves. Our innovative, industry-leading design maximizes efficiency. It provides a heat source free of foreign nation influence and “the grip of big oil.” Our Classic offers you an alternative that will save you money.

Classic Features

  • Side Panel Pump Cover
    Central Boiler has developed a side panel pump cover for more convenient installation and easy access to pumps and power disconnect. It also provides a convenient location for the owner’s manual and water test kit. The hinged cover has a handle that can be locked for safety and security
  • Adjustable Digital Temperature Controller
    The Classic comes standard with an adjustable temperature controller with a digital temperature gauge and a multifunction light switch. The light switch allows both lights to be manually controlled in the ON or OFF positions and also provides an automatic setting that controls the front light with a photo sensor. The adjustable temperature controller allows the user to adjust the operating temperature of the furnace within a specific range of operation
  • Insulated Cast Iron Door
    The Classic offers an insulated door that is built to last. Each door is a molded piece of cast iron with hinges measuring 5/8" thick. The door is molded with a recessed cavity which holds two inches of high quality insulation. The door also houses the draft opening.